Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet


Materials: Blue Tiger Eye

Colour: Blue; Black
Weight: 29g
Bead Size: 10.2mm
Internal Diameter: 16cm


Blue tiger eye, is a striking gemstone with a captivating appearance. It is a type of fibrous quartz that exhibits chatoyancy, which is a phenomenon where a band of light appears to move across the surface of the stone as it is tilted or rotated.

Color: Blue tiger eye has a mesmerizing blue color with varying shades ranging from pale blue to deep blue. The blue color is usually caused by the presence of iron in the quartz, which gives it its unique hue.

Chatoyancy: One of the most notable features of blue tiger eye is its chatoyancy, also known as the “eye effect.” When the stone is polished and cut into a cabochon shape, a silky band of light appears to glide across the surface, resembling the movement of a cat’s eye. This effect is caused by the parallel arrangement of fibrous inclusions within the stone.

Texture: Blue tiger eye has a silky, smooth texture when touched or held. Its fibrous structure gives it a unique feel and adds to its tactile appeal.

Luster: Blue tiger eye has a vitreous to silky luster, which gives it a subtle sheen when light reflects off its surface. The chatoyancy enhances the luster and adds to its overall attractiveness.

Pattern: Blue tiger eye often displays a distinctive pattern of parallel lines or bands that are usually brown or black in color. These bands add to its unique appearance and can create interesting visual effects when combined with its blue color and chatoyancy.

Transparency: Blue tiger eye is typically opaque, meaning it does not allow light to pass through. However, when cut and polished, it can exhibit a semi-translucent quality in certain areas, which adds to its visual interest.

Overall, blue tiger eye is a captivating gemstone with its unique blue color, chatoyancy, silky texture, and distinctive patterns. It is highly valued for its aesthetic appeal and is often used in jewelry, decorative items, and spiritual or metaphysical practices.

At Sparkle Gaia, we incorporate natural crystals and gemstones in our products, which means that you may encounter slight discrepancies in sizes, colours, and shapes. We ask that you take into consideration any natural flaws or minor imperfections when purchasing crystals. We conduct thorough inspections to ensure that we offer the finest quality possible.

Before dispatching our crystal bracelets and other products, we charge and purify them. We want to ensure that our customers receive items that are spiritually cleansed and ready to use.

We strive to capture the true colours of our products as accurately as possible. However, the colours may differ depending on the type of device on which they are viewed.

Additional information

Weight 0.029 kg

10mm, 12mm


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