Queen Conch

Full Benefits: “”Queen Conch Shell”” is said to gently bring out the charm hidden inside the woman’s inner surface, and impart the power to be loved in its untouched appearance.
Not only the appearance but also the inner surface,
it is an ideal power stone for those who pursue “”beauty”” every day to make them attractive people.
Although the power seems to be limited only to women as mentioned above, even if a man wears it, the queen conch shell exerts an effect.
This is considered to be a power to get a sense of trust from the surroundings and to attract others who can live together, and gives the owner a very positive energy.
In addition, it is said that it is the “”mother shell”” that is a conch shell, so it brings up the “”maternity”” of the owner and gives the “”loving”” to others and the power to compassion.
Therefore, it is said that it is effective for pregnant women who will become mothers and mothers who are raising their children from now on to calm down annoyed feelings by relaxing the mind and body and to lead them to kind feelings.

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